Riding on Sunshine!

Winfordtek, LLP

Form Factor:


 The traction pack is configured to be rectangular shape holding several electrochemical batteries therein. In prototyping the first traction pack, a frame of 42 X 42 X 8 was used. The eight inch dimension is the height of the traction pack when the traction pack is in the horizontal position. The shorter the height, the thinner the traction pack frame can be. The thinner the frame, the less the motor vehicle needs to be lifted...   READ MORE



The latch pawl drive motor retains the latch pawls in place when the drive motor is at rest because of the worm gear construction of the drive motor.  The worm gear drive design prevents the output shaft from driving or turning the input shaft. The output shaft can move only when the input shaft is turning.  This aspect of the latching system is designed to retain the traction pack in the motor vehicle in a fail-safe manor...   READ MORE

Error Recovery:


Reliability and serviceability is addressed by having all moving parts involved with the traction pack exchange attached to the traction pack.  The invention provides both the mechanical and electrical interfaces that have the simple part of the interface on the motor vehicle.  The complicated parts of the latch mating parts are on the traction pack.  The mechanical interface has only the support pins on the motor vehicle while the latch pawls...   READ MORE

swap-n-drive005009.jpg swap-n-drive005008.jpg swap-n-drive005007.jpg swap-n-drive005006.jpg swap-n-drive005005.jpg swap-n-drive005004.jpg swap-n-drive005003.jpg swap-n-drive005002.jpg swap-n-drive005001.jpg