Riding on Sunshine!

Winfordtek, LLP

The following are examples of application scenarios that the Swap N Drive traction pack swappers may be used for.  These are presented to give the reader ideas of what the possibilities are.  However, the applications of traction pack swapping are not limited to the following examples.


Two Arm Swapper:


The two position converter swapper is small enough and low enough cost that they could be purchased by private individuals.  One private application is the person who has an electric vehicle, a solar collector, two energy vessels and a swapping station.  The user leaves one energy vessel at home to replenish during the day with the solar collector and commutes with the other energy vessel.  Then when the user returns home at night, they automatically swap the two energy vessels so the spent energy vessel is replenished the next day.  After the swap, the electric vehicle is ready to go with a replenished energy vessel for the next day’s commute.  This advantage is realized by driving a motor vehicle on sunshine and not purchasing fossil fuel to power the motor vehicle with.


A small business application for the two position converter swapper is a pizza or drug store delivery service.  These small businesses can operate one electric vehicle continuously with the two position converter swapper.  One energy vessel is being replenished while the other energy vessel is providing energy to the delivery vehicle.


Four Arm Swapper:


The four position converter swapper may also be used in multiple applications. The four position converter swapper enables a home owner to have enough electrical storage capacity such that they could live without a connection to the local electrical grid.  A solar plus wind electrical generation system in combination with three energy vessels in the four position converter swapper may store enough electrical energy to power the home and provide transportation for the residence in the home.


Another application for the four position converter swapper is the small business that has only one electric vehicle and needs only one energy vessel replenished at a time.  The small business may purchase a four position converter swapping station and rent the extra two spaces for energy vessels in their swapping station to other users.  Each user would purchase their own two energy vessels and maintain the same position in the swapping station so as to always receive one of their two energy vessels. The rent on the additional two spaces for energy vessels returns the cost of the swapping station to the owner.


The four position converter swapper could also be owned by three commuters that are unable to replenish at work.  They may combine resources to purchase the swapping station then locate it on the owner’s property closest to where they work.  This means that they may now live almost the full distance their energy vessel powers their motor vehicle away from work.  If the owners can’t charge or swap their energy vessel close to work, then they can only commute half the range of their energy vessel to work.


Carousel Swapper:


The four position converter swapper also works in a distributive network that supports a taxi cab service.  The central point of the taxi cab service has a swapping station with carousel swapper that contains several energy vessels.  In a radius of about 70% of the driving distance of the energy vessels from the central point with carousel swapper, several four position converter swappers are radially located from the carousel to provide an extended service range for the taxi cab service in all directions.  A twelve position swapping station with carousel with four - four position converter swappers could support over 20 individual taxi vehicles in an extended service area.
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