DVD Tracker

Please note that DVD Tracker does not store any video or images
and does NOT play DVDs!  DVD Tracker is a cataloging system.

DVD Tracker allows you to easily enter information about your DVD collection and to track which ones are on loan.
There is no flashy and confusing interface .. it just works.

When entering DVD information for the first time, simply enter the title and push the "Internet" button. If there is more than one movie by that name you can also enter the year of release. Of course, if all else fails (not very likely!), you can always enter the information by hand.

All data is kept on the device so an internet connection is not needed for browsing your collection.

If you loan a DVD to someone, make a quick note in "DVD Tracker" and its title will be highlighted wherever it appears. This acts as a gentle reminder to keep your collection from "walking away".

The interface is so easy the following tutorial does not even use (very many) words to describe what's going on .. just screenshots.